The Sex and Censorship Project

Welcome! This is the support site for the Sex and Censorship Project, sponsored by the Center for Sexual Expression and Education (CenterSEE). The project focuses on education and advocacy. This site contains information about the censorship of sexual content and its history. It also has information on how to get involved and fight censorship, and advocates against the many U.S. laws that facilitate censorship. CenterSEE also produces the ground-breaking Sex and Censorship online classes. The nominal fee for these classes helps fund our anti-censorship advocacy and the educational goals of CenterSEE. The class series includes 5 online classes covering the history of censorship in Art, Books, Photography, Movies, and Theatre. The classes are written and presented by sex educator and CenterSEE founder Jeff Booth. The classes were created with the open source Anywhere Classroom software, which was developed by CenterSEE with a focus on making online education more visual and entertainment oriented rather than primarily text focused. There are also tens of thousands of digitally enhanced images which come from the CenterSEE Erotic Heritage project.

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